Using a math drawing, explain why dividing both the numerator and denominator of 6/8by 2 produces the same number (an equivalent fraction). Discuss how to see division by 2 in both the numerator and denominator in terms of your math drawing. Attend carefully to points that might be difficult for students. n in your erator and e number fraction). te with

Accepted Solution

Answer:In the drawing we can see that both bars have the exact same size. Blue bar has 8 tiles, and brown bar has 4.We can see that every brown tile has the exact same size than two blue tiles. We paint 6 of 8 tiles in the blue bar and we see that those 6 blue tiles are equivalent to 3 brown tiles, to have the same area painted in both bars.(because every brown tile has the size of two blue tiles, and 6:2=3)Then in blue bar we have 6 painted tiles of 8 (6/8) and in brown bar we have 3 pinted tiles of 4 (3/4) being exactly equal both bars and both painted areas.