Jason runs around a 400-meter track for training. During the month of September he ran around the track 520 times. How many kilometers did he run in September? A certain antacid tablet contains 500 mg of calcium carbonate. If the doctor warns Jill not to take over 8 g per 24-hour period, how many tablets can she take in a day?

Accepted Solution

Answer:208 km16 tablets per dayStep-by-step explanation:Given:Length of training track run by Jason = 400 mNumber of times Jason ran on the track = 520Therefore, The total length covered by Jason = 520 Γ— 400 = 208,000 mnow,1 Km = 1000 mthus, 208,000 m = [tex]\frac{\textup{208000}}{\textup{1000}}[/tex] or= 208 kmb) Amount of calcium carbonate in a tablet = 500 mg = 0.5 gMaximum amount of calcium carbonate that can be taken = 8 ghence, the maximum number of tablets that she can take = [tex]\frac{\textup{Maximum amount of calcium carbonate that can be taken}}{\textup{Amount of calcium carbonate in a tablet}}[/tex] = [tex]\frac{\textup{8}}{\textup{0.5}}[/tex] = 16 tablets per day