Caleb's puppy weighs 2,250 grams. If the puppy weighed 600 grams at his last visit to the veterinarian's office, what is the percent increase in the puppy's weight rounded to the nearest whole number?

Accepted Solution

The puppy's weight increased 275%

To get the percent of increase, we will apply the following equation:
% of increase =Β [tex] \frac{increase}{original value} * 100[/tex]

In the given we have:
old weight = 600 grams
new weight = 2250 grams
This means that:
increase = 2250 - 600 = 1650 grams

We also have:
old value = 600 grams

Substitute in the above equation to get the % of increase as follows:
% of increase =Β [tex] \frac{1650}{600} *100 = 275[/tex]%

Hope this helps :)